Hosting a “party” is one of the best ways to raise money at the auction!


But, what does it mean to host a party?!?

When you host a party, you are paying for the party as your donation to St. Pius School. You and your friends select the venue, attendees, and theme and then guests at the auction will sign up to attend your party. The money they pay will go to the school and the cost of the party is paid for by you, the hosts!

The auction committee can help you with a suggested price per attendee based on the type of party, food provided, etc. We can also help with creative writing to make sure your party sells out! This is a great way to bring our community together!

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Cuneo –

Ready to host? Complete our Party Host Form.

Here are some ideas for parties, but the sky is the limit!


Adult Party Ideas
• Progressive Dinner around your neighborhood
• Christmas Shopping to the city
• Amazing Race
• Academy Awards Viewing Party
• Kentucky Derby
• Girls/Guys Night Out
• Poker Party
• Whiskey/Tequila Tasting
• College Pong Tournament
• Back to School Party
• Margaritas and Manicures
• Day trip to wineries in Sonoma or Napa
• Evening of cigars and scotch


Class/Children Party Ideas
• Private movie viewing at Century
• Skateboarding Party
• Pajama/Movie Night
• Swim Party
• Bingo Night
• Playhouse/Jump House
• Baking / Cookie Decorating
• Princess Party
• Dodge Ball
• Bowling

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